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You don’t have to be a large corporation to treat your employees like a fortune 500.  Whether you currently have a fitness facility or looking to build one, many small and medium size employers use corporate fitness solutions to engage employees in physical activity, attract and retain the best talent; improve employee health and reduce workplace stress.


Consulting and strategy services
We provide affordable consulting and strategy services, on all aspects of your campus from facility design to equipment purchasing to recommending hours of operation;  we leverage our experience and expertise to help your fitness and recreation center thrive.

Fitness programming: 

Our most popular community program An engaging and caring staff, offering face-to-face interactions to boost engagement and participation to gives results that both participants and community leaders want to see.


Operational management
Our long tenure in the industry allows to broker best-in-class vendors to help engage all participants. From on-demand digital streaming classes to a robust member management system.

Health Equity in the Workplace

Health equity in the workplace means that every employee has the opportunity to achieve optimal financial health—a principle and approach that has guided all of ABC Health and Fitness work since its inception. We focus on how the structural drivers of inequity, like racism, gender identification and income inequality, impact the work place. We work with Human Resources to change the conditions tied to those inequities, by targeting the policies, practices, procedures, and norms that cause or perpetuate them.

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