My Telemedicine

The next generation of telemedicine is mindful and intentional utilization. In the digital age of instant access with the tap of an app, your employees expect it – even when they don’t know how to use it.

MyTelemedicine's cutting-edge care navigation and cost containment solution assists employees to make better healthcare decisions.

Individual / Family Healthcare

Groups / Organizations Healthcare

Call 800-661-5601.  Use discount code:  abchealthandfitness

$19.95/mo - indiv  must call to register

$29.95/mo - family can signup online

5 members for $50/month (more members lower the per person per month)

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P.O. Box 833364

Richardson, TX  75083

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Operating hours

M - F  6am - 8pm  CST

Sat: 8am - 2pm  CST

Sun: 9am - 12pm  CST

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco,

CA 94158