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MyTelemedicine Launches Coronavirus Covid-19 Self-Assessment Tool

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

MCKINNEY, Texas, March 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Telehealth industry leader MyTelemedicine announced today the release of a COVID-19 Coronavirus Self-Assessment Tool, designed to help people determine whether to seek immediate medical care and connect them via video call with a licensed doctor nationwide.

Available through both the MyTelemedicine online health portal and mobile app, the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool takes users through a series of diagnostic questions to determine whether they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Those showing signs are immediately directed to initiate a consultation with a virtual physician for further evaluation via the MyTelemedicine video platform. Members also are provided with key CDC resources to assist them with next steps. Those users who do not show signs or symptoms of Coronavirus still will have the option to initiate a video visit.

"Our goal is to help flatten the curve and keep people safe," says Rey Colon,CEO and Founder of MyTelemedicine. He adds, "The more consumers we can assist here in the U.S., the better we can prevent the spread of the disease and protect the health of the population as a whole."

On the heels of the President's public address at the White House earlier this week, the Trump Administration announced expanded telehealth coverage for Medicare recipients, allowing them to receive vital services from healthcare practitioners without having to leave home. Although telemedicine platforms have been available for several years, the outbreak of Coronavirus may create a tipping point to hasten rapid adoption of telehealth technology services by consumers and providers nationwide.

MyTelemedicine has been a leader in the virtual healthcare space since it was founded in 2015. The company uses cloud-based technologies to connect members with U.S. licensed doctors 24/7 via phone, email, or video conference. MyTelemedicine also offers Spanish-language telehealth services for users to consult with fully licensed, Spanish-speaking physicians nationwide.

"We are always striving to innovate with purpose, and our new COVID-19Self-Assessment Tool is one of the ways that we can leverage technology for the greater good," says Chief Technology Officer Jesse Roach.

The COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool can be accessed through the MyTelemedicine online portal, as well as through the Access a Doctor™ mobile app, which is available both in the iTunes Store and Google Play. MyTelemedicine plans to roll out additional functionalities to the self- assessment tool in the coming days, including a directory of testing locations nationwide. Says CEO Rey Colon, "Even after COVID-19 goes away, tools like this and telemedicine as a whole will change the way we use healthcare."

About MyTelemedicine

MyTelemedicine a Nationwide Telehealth SaaS and Service Provider

developed a proprietary, Virtual Telehealth platform that allows healthcare

providers the ability of consulting with patients remotely via video technology. The digital healthcare technology company's advanced API technology allows third parties to integrate and offer a customized white- labeled telemedicine experience to support their brand identity. Physicians can perform on-demand consultations with members anywhere via telephone and video technology. Patients get advice, recommendations and a diagnosis, which may include a prescription for common illnesses.

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