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The Appeal of Virtual Wellness

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

From workplace meetings to doctor appointments to school, it’s safe to say that many aspects of our lives have gone virtual. Fitness facilities are no exception. Throughout the country, many gyms are closed or greatly limited, making online exercise and wellness programs in high demand. And with cases continually rising, it’s clear that we won’t be back to normal anytime soon.

So what makes online wellness so appealing?

  • Regardless of your budget and fitness goals, you’re sure to find the right classes for you online.

  • It’s convenient, you can access the workouts anytime, regardless of the time of day or weather outside.

  • It’s affordable, paying for online classes is almost always cheaper than a recurring gym membership.

  • It’s private, you can sweat, jump, or dance in the comfort of your own home.

  • There’s much more variety online and your options are endless when it comes to finding the right exercise or wellness class for you.

And although we understand the shortcomings this new way of working-out, providers like ABC Health and Fitness took the shortcomings of the virtual fitness class and flipped it, creating a wellness platform that offers more than just a workout class.

  • No Pre-recorded classes. Live sessions so you get feedback and support if you’re struggling to get through.

  • Tailored classes for special groups (balance to seniors, mommie meal seminars, etc)

  • One virtual personal training session for each student, you can receive the feedback and support you need to keep going.

  • One customized workout plan for each student, for those days you can’t get online.

  • Wellness Challenges and check-ins to keep people on track for their fitness and wellness goals.

  • Virtual Small Group Training and Health Coach Programming for the family who need support with individualized food and lifestyle changes to meet their unique needs and health goals.

  • Social Distancing classes for those who need a little more interaction and encouragement for our own mental health (currently: Dallas area only)

  • Touchless Body Scans for those who want to formally track their progress (currently: Dallas area only)

Becoming a part of an online community is beneficial for many reasons. Connecting with other people with similar interests and goals can make being stuck at home a lot less lonely. Putting your health goals out into the world is the best way to hold yourself accountable, and the affirmation that comes with reaching them builds self-esteem and confidence. Online communities like ABC Health and Fitness are powered by sharing informational resources to help. Joining and remaining a part of virtual fitness classes and online spaces is more helpful and valuable than you may think.


Malin Taylor, ACE Health Coach, Personal Trainer; AFAA – Group Fitness; Balance Coach, WELCOA member, fitness blogger, math and science tutor to students grade 3 - 12 and a passionate fitness professional. She has over 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry Malin believes in the power of a holistic approach to healthy living. She loves encouraging clients and students to develop body harmony by teaching functional and focused skill development and lifestyle balance. Malin is also the Director of Wellness & Programs for the many regional corporations. She is also a principle of ABC Health Fitness and the largest mobile body scan company in the Dallas area. Malin is also a Wellness and Trend’s presenter of IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

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