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ABC Health and Fitness

Due to Covid-19, pick up is now a resident address. A delivery time will be sent to you upon, completion of purchase. We are currently running a 10 day delivery but that will become longer the closer to Christmas. BUY EARLY!, Richardson, Texas

Thick, extra-strong SPRI® Superband is designed for heavy-duty use. This cross train superband takes rubber resistance exercise to a whole new level. The band is ideal for full body extension and heavy-duty use. The band works out leg muscles, stretches hips and shoulders, provides resistance for walks, shuffles, lunges, and helps prevent and rehabilitate sprained ankles.
Exercise guide included.
Color: Green - up to 20 pounds / width 3/4"
** BEGINNER ** Color: Red - up to 30 pounds / width 1"
**MOST POPULAR ** Color: Blue - up to 40 pounds / width 1 3/4"
** ATHLETE ** (yellow - up to 10lbs and purple - up to 50lbs not available)

Bands - Superband

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